Affects systems
Execution of Bradstone 3D Garden Viewer on Windows 98 systems.

When you create a garden design in the Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer 2005 software, and then execute the 3D Garden Viewer, the 3D Garden Viewer application runs but does not display any information. The 3D Garden Viewer application may display an outer border but with an empty display area (the user will often be able to see through to the desktop underneath). If you click on the instance of Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer 2005 that exists on the task bar, you will be able to terminate the 3D Viewer application - which will remain locked out until you restart the Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer application. However, the 3D Garden Viewer application will remain active, and can only be closed via the task manager.

Please refer to Microsoft knowledge base article 179113 for information relating to Microsoft DirectX.
Older system, or systems that have not been appropriately service packed and patched may not be configured to support 3D modelling. The Bradstone 3D Garden Viewer uses OpenGL 3D drawing facilities, which are not present on the target system. Microsoft provide a free update service for the application of new service packs and patches to the target system. The specific patch required is the DirectX 9.0c End-User runtime.
The required 3D modelling services on the target machine can be obtained by installing the  DirectX 9.0c End-User runtime patch. This can be obtained free of charge from the Microsoft web site.
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