Affects systems
Execution of Bradstone 3D Garden Viewer version 1.0.30

When you create a garden design in the Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer 2005 software which contains either a formal herb garden project, or a pebble pool circle project, the projects are not displayed by the Bradstone 3D Garden Viewer application.

A patch is available to resolve this problem
The following Patch can be downloaded to resolve this problem. Once downloaded, the user should carry out the following two steps to complete the installation.
1. Unzip the patch file (Using Winzip, or Explorer if working with Microsoft XP)
2. Copy and then paste the two files enclosed into C:\Program Files\GDV8\FRA\Garden_Products\Mesh\Projects_ASEs
The Bradston 3D Garden Viewer will now display formal herb garden, and pebble pool circle projects.
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