Affects systems
Installing the Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer software version 8.1.61 onto a Windows 98 or Windows ME system. This problem does not affect Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP, and is specific to the Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer 2005 application software,

When you install the Bradstone DVD software, the Garden & Driveway Designer software appears to install correctly and does not report any errors, but the installation software that overlooks the entire process refuses to allow the installation to continue to the next step. On closer analysis, it is observed that the executable file GDV8.exe is missing, even though the installation has apparently completed  (this file should be located in c:\program files\GDV8\GDV8.exe). 


This problem occurs because some Microsoft Windows 98 systems impose a limit on the length of installation setup list files that can be installed - when those files are created by the Microsoft Package and deployment system. If the setup list file accompanying a installation set exceeds 64K bytes (65536 bytes) in length, then the Windows 98 setup process may truncate the setup list to bring it just under the 64K limit. Any instructions in the list that exist over and above the 64K limit are discarded and the setup process finishes without reporting error(s) to the user. At the time of writing, there is no information available from Microsoft to identify those Windows 98 systems that are likely to suffer from this problem. In addition, there is no update available from Microsoft to fix this problem.
A new disk has been created by TRGS using a non-verbose file naming convention. This version 8.1.62 of Garden & Driveway Designer results in a setup list file which is smaller than the 64K limit imposed by some Microsoft Windows 98 systems - and the software will therefore install on any Windows 98/ME platform which exhibits this limitation.
Please contact TRGS technical support to obtain a replacement disk. Uninstall any existing applications - namely (1) Bradstone Garden & Driveway Designer 2005, (2) Bradstone Patio Planner 2005 and (3) Bradstone 3D Garden Viewer, before re-installing from the new disk.
Remember - always backup key data before making any changes whatsoever to your PC as TRGS Ltd cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any solutions or suggestions outlined in the above notes. Microsoft, Windows, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP are trade marks of the Microsoft Corporation.