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Below are some downloadable examples of bespoke applications that have been developed by trgs.

If you require technical support downloads, please go to the support section.

Bradstone Garden Designer screen grab



Bradstone Garden Designer

This application is sold by Bradstone on a DVD-ROM allowing users to watch the Bradstone "how to" videos on their TV and then plan their garden on their PC, view it in plan view and 3D, and then print a "shopping list" of all the items they need.

The "LE" version of the software is available as a free download from Bradstone's website, and has slightly limited functionality.

Download the Brandstone Garden Designer


Bradstone Patio Planner screen grab



Bradstone Patio Planner

This application is also sold on the Bradstonen DVD, and is specifically used to design patios.

Using complex formulae, it allows you to draw a multi sided shape and then fill it with a random laying pattern of different sized pavers.

It is also available as a free download from Bradstone's website, without losing any functionality of the DVD version.

Download the Brandstone Patio Planner


Bradstone Tutorials screen grab



Bradstone Garden Designer Tutorials

This application is a series of simple step-by-step guides to teach a new user how to find their way around the Garden Designer application.

It uses comprehensive screen grabs, an animated cursor and "mouse click" noises to show exactly what the user should click on to achieve the result that they are looking for.

This can be downloaded and run on the users PC, or viewed in shockwave format live on the internet.

Download the Garden Designer Tutorials